Community rises to help Winnipeg sourdough bakery facing expensive repairs

A Winnipeg sourdough bakery facing expensive repairs is thanking community members who have been rising to the challenge by helping to cover repair costs.

Eadha Sourdough Bakery ran into some trouble after its refrigerator broke down. The bakery needs the refrigerator to make sourdough bread, and without it, the bread goes flat.

“We got some people in to come look at the fridge and it was an enormous cost for us as a small business,” said Margot Brandt, manager at the small bakery on Ellice Avenue and Furby Street.

She said the cost of repairs was around $7,000.

“The pandemic already impacted us so much, so we wouldn’t be able to pay for a new fridge without the help of a fundraiser and the community.”

Brandt said the bakery has looked to the community for help through a fundraiser.

“The response is phenomenal, it is crazy. We have such a good community and a community that stands behind us,” Brandt said. “We try to put so much in the community ourselves and so for the community to back us this much – it is insane, it is crazy. So thank you Winnipeg.”

Brandt said people can help out the bakery by heading down during the week to try some of the fresh baking, or purchasing a food voucher for those experiencing homelessness in the community.

-with files from CTV’s Daniel Timmerman