Families take advantage of unseasonably warm temperatures in Ottawa on Thanksgiving

The word for Thanksgiving Day is ‘perfect’, and for three-year-old Jack Van Lin, it’s finding the perfect pumpkin, which is not easy when there’s a near-endless field to choose from at Millers Farm, Market & Garden Centre in Manotick, Ont.

Jack got his pumpkin and plans to carve out a spooky ghost, but those chills will have to wait because there is nothing scary about temperatures in the 20s.

It’s a day filled with family and fun for Jack, he is with his parents, aunt and his grandparents who are visiting from out of town for the long weekend and the weather just made it that much better.

“Three generations which is just amazing,” says grandfather, Jack Campbell.  “The family gathering, get a pumpkin, eat a bird and all that, its fantastic and nothing but more memories to come with Jack.”

This unforgettable fall heat wave is drawing a crowd to the farm, and that’s good for Ron Miller and his business.

His family-run farm has more than just a 50-acre pumpkin patch. There are hay jumps, a local produce market, hot cider, treats like candy apples, a food truck and of course, and a corn maze.

“A day like today helps because we have to do it all in about three weekends,” says Miller. “Really, it’s come out and enjoy the farm experience and enjoy the freedom of walking around.”

Millers is open all month, from 8 a.m. to 5p.m., admission is free, a wagon ride to and from the pumpkin patch is $3.00, the corn maze is $4.00 and there are plenty of gourds and pumpkins from small to large, at a reasonable cost.

Thanksgiving Monday also marks the end of the official boating season along the Rideau Canal.

The locks will close for the season, the waterway markers will be removed and the level of the water is no longer guaranteed for navigation.

Robert Squires is passing through at the Long Island lock station on his way to Manotick Marina, to remove his boat for the season. He says this is his favourite time of the year to boat along the Rideau River.

“The water’s not too rough, it’s a wonderful way to end the season, at this time there are very few boats out and the colours along the shoreline are breathtaking,” says Squires.

The same can be said while taking a walk through the forest and it’s why Denis Baudin came out with his wife, two grandparents and four children, who picked leaves to toss in the air and dance under.

“We knew the leaves would be out and red and full of colour and nice weather so we thought we would come and check it out,” says Baudin. “It’s beautiful today. We’re pretty luck to have warm weather this late in the season.”

The temperature warmed up to 22.7 C in Ottawa at 5 p.m. Monday.

The summerlike temperature will continue to hover in the 20s for most of the week; however, it may not be as sunny. Rain is expected on Wednesday and by the weekend; it’s going to drop to a more typical 14 C.