Local businesses reward those who got their shots without needing vaccine incentives

Some local businesses are rewarding employees and customers who have already been vaccinated in the hopes others do the same.

After Premier Jason Kenney announced on Friday that Albertans eligible for vaccination who have not received their immunization yet would receive $100, many on social media expressed frustration.

Warp One Comics and Games decided to pay its employees $100 for each vaccine they have already received to reward their choice of getting immunized as soon as vaccines were available.

“It’s something that I am asking all small business owners to do,” owner David Bryenton said. “Support your employees to match Jason Kenney’s $100.”

A total of 15 employees who have all been fully vaccinated will each receive $200.

Big E Tours is offering half-priced tours of city landmarks to anyone who has already been immunized.

Gary Poliquin, co-owner of Big E Tours, told CTV News Edmonton that he wanted to give a gift to people who decided to get the jab without any form of incentive other than doing their part to help return to normal.

“All staff at our company, as well as the two co-owners, we got vaccinated months ago as part of our duty to the community,” Poliquin said. “We thought, ‘Well wow, we’re rewarding somebody for taking their time in getting something that should be done, let’s reward somebody for doing it.’”