Marc-Antoine Desjardins drops out of race for Montreal mayor to join Mouvement Montreal

Marc-Antoine Desjardins has dropped out of the race for Montreal mayor, announcing Thursday that he will instead be joining Balarama Holness’ party, Mouvement Montréal.

“This decision exemplifies the power in bridging divides, reconciling differences and upholding the spirit of collaboration, community and acceptance that characterizes Montreal,” the two said in a joint statement.

The reason for joining forces, they explain, is to “give Montrealers a real, viable third-option in the 2021 municipal election.”

“Now, more than ever, [we are] the clear choice,” said Holness. “We have the numbers. We have the vision. We have the strength. And we will use that to represent all Montrealers across the island.”

Desjardins will bring with him his 24 candidates. Combined with Holness’ 46, the party will now have 70 people running for office against Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante’s Projet Montréal and former mayor Denis Coderre’s Ensemble Montréal.

“Together with Marc-Antoine and his Raillement Pour Montréal candidates, we will represent francophones, anglophones and allophones, people from diverse ethnocultural backgrounds, small business owners, families and youth,” said Holness.

Desjardins, who will be running for mayor in a yet-to-be-announced borough, adds he “looks forward to enhancing Montrealers’ quality of life.”

Holness describes his party’s main platform as a plan to revitalize the economy, enrich the environment and revamp social and affordable housing.

The Montreal municipal election is slated for Nov. 7.