Sask. liquor stores require vaccine proof

Many Saskatchewan liqour store customers were unaware they needed to bring proof of vaccination to buy alcohol for the weekend on Friday.

Some retailers said the rule caught them off guard, including Randy Wilson with Urban Cellars. It applies to stand alone stores but some large retailers were reportedly not checking vaccine status as they also sell groceries under the same roof. Wilson said that’s unfair.

“If you’re making a rule, make it a level playing field because what’s going to happen, I call them the billion dollar club, the guys that have liquor stores inside their food stores, right now they’re exempt,” Wilson said. “I’m told the government is changing the rules because it was a mistake and that happens but it should be principled and fair for everyone, especially for the public so that they know.”

The NDP see it as another example of in a proof of vaccination rollout it calls chaotic.

“How this government is out of touch and missing action when it comes to the needs of small business and it is no more evident than it is today when we discover that the public health order came out at some point last night,” said NDP MLA Aleana Young.

The government did not have an immediate reaction but could have a business response team take a look at the situation.