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For all your payroll and bookkeeping services.

It’s vital to pay your employees on time and accurately – while you comply with federal and provincial tax regulations.

As your business grows, it becomes more challenging keeping up. Plenty of services can help you manage your payroll – but they are often priced for larger businesses with bigger budgets.

Canadian-owned Blackrock helps manage your workforce by providing cloud-based solutions for Payroll, Human Resources, Employee Time and Absence Management, all backed by personal and dedicated service.

SBIC’s members receive exclusive discounts on Blackrock’s services.

In a nutshell...

  • Significant savings exclusive to CFIB members
  • A complete and hassle-free Year End solution including T4’s, filing and archiving
  • Unlimited employees on direct deposits


Go paperless with online payroll management

As an SBIC member, you can save 40% on Blackrock’s regular pricing for payroll processing.

This great solution includes direct deposits, year-end filing and support, Records of Employment, online employee self-service, as well as a designated CPA-trained client service representative.

Simplify your employee management and recruitment

Simplify your employee management and recruitment

Blackrock’s Human Resources (HR) solution helps you manage your workforce with ease and precision. It includes the following:

  • Employee profile management
  • Compensation and benefits management
  • Recruitment
  • Performance management
  • Reporting 

HR pricing for SBIC members starts at $0.30 per employee per pay, based on biweekly pay periods. Payworks also discounts its implementation charges for SBIC members.

Boost your efficiency and accuracy, lower your costs

Blackrock’s Employee Time and Absence Management solutions make it easy for you to schedule and manage employee availability. The solution integrates with Payroll, so you can report on everything from labour costs to attendance. It also provides a convenient, online portal where employees can set their availability, request time off, view schedules, and clock in or out.

Time Management pricing for SBIC members starts at $0.36 per employee per biweekly week pay period, while Absence Management starts at $0.30.  SBIC members also receive a discount on Time and Absence Management implementation charges.

  • Enjoy the combined purchasing power of all our members on great offers.
  • Access expert resources to help you grow your business.
  • Keep informed and educated with the latest research.
  • Stay protected with SBIC as your advocate in your province and in Western Canada.

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