War in Ukraine proof Canada must grow oil exports: industry

The oil and gas industry says the war in Ukraine is proof Canada must increase its own fossil fuel production to ensure long-term energy security.

But environmentalists say the conflict highlights the need to invest in renewables and wean off fossil fuels entirely.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers says Canadians need a clear commitment from the federal government to grow Canadian oil and gas development and exports in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The industry group says Canadian policies and those of other western governments have led to the delay and cancellation of several major oil and gas projects in recent years. It says these projects would have reduced global dependence on Russian oil.

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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney this week criticized U.S. President Joe Biden for cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline permit, saying “Alberta oil is better than dictator oil.”

But Keith Stewart of Greenpeace Canada says the Ukraine war shows that global dependence on oil makes the world a more dangerous place. He says the best way to ensure long-term energy security is to ramp up investment in renewables.

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