Window smashed at Happy Goat Coffee Company on Elgin Street

A popular Elgin Street coffee shop was vandalized overnight.

“I really hope that it was just a bunch of teenagers that were up to no good,” said Henry Assad, Happy Goat Coffee Company owner.

Security footage shows the window of Happy Goat Coffee being kicked and smashed just after 2 a.m. Thursday. Three people are then seen running away from the scene.

The owner of the coffee shop says he’s is not sure who did this or why they decided to break his windows, which is now boarded up.

“I just hope it’s a random act,” says Assad. “We love Elgin. We’ve never had any problems in the last five years that we’ve been here. We’ve been through construction, we’ve been through the pandemic and nothing this has ever happened. So we hope that this is just an unfortunate incident.”

Business owners on Elgin Street say that they are far enough from the “Freedom Convoy” protest that they have been able to remain open, and that there are plenty of options for anyone looking to dine out downtown.

“As much as we love the support that the community has given us, I think all small business on Elgin are open and they would love to urge the community to come visit us and continue supporting us,” Assad says.